We’re almost a whole month into 2015. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this fact, but since we aren’t quite into February yet, I think it’s still totally appropriate to a) wish you a very happy new year! and b) chat a little bit about new years resolutions and fresh starts, which, for me, always includes spending a little bit of time thinking about organization.   

Running a small business and being a mom is no walk in the park, between you and me. While I absolutely love, love, love what I do (I really love it), it can sometimes be tough to schedule time for everything and everyone. I am not sure if it comes with the (creative, hands on) territory but I am a post-it note makin', ink on the calendar kind of a gal. While I still use an online calendar, I need to be abel to physically write down my lists and events to make them stick and I believe this is how my ideas flow best too.   I’m sure (I hope?) I’m not the only person who feels this way, so in the spirit of a brand new year, I want to share a little DIY that’s helped me stay organized (and sane) at the studio – and it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty to look at. So with no further ado, I present to you my trusty wall calendar!



The Materials

Here's what you need:



The Process

1. Wall/Surface prep. - Clean and dry the surface you will be painting, making sure it is smooth and clean of all debris. (follow instructions on Dry Erase Paint Can)
2. Tape off the area you would like to use as your writing surface with Painters Tape.  I used a wall area of 62" wide by 48" high which I taped off into quarters to allow for 1 wall calendar and 3 writing surfaces. 
3.  Follow two-part paint mixing instructions on the can
4.  Poor paint into paint tray and begin rolling on desired surface with smooth foam roller
5. Continue to apply at least 4 coats of paint letting each one dry in-between
6.  Let surface dry for at least 3 days
Creating a Calendar
1. Make a grid on your dry, painted surface; For my calendar, I ended up with 4 equal rectangles approx. 30"wide x 23"high. I divided one of these up into 7 even spaces across (each day of the week) and 5 spaces down (to allow for 5 week months) and a smaller space at the top to serve as a header where I can write the month.  
2.  Measure and draw pencil lines horizontally and vertically to produce a grid.
3.  Using your 1/4" Artist's Tape, create tape lines over the grid you made with a pencil.
Make it Your Own
1.  Use dry erase markers to label calendar month
2.  Write days of the week on top of each box (Sun.-Sat.)
3.  Label blank sections with Home, Work and Event notes...
4.  Have Fun, get organized!
What are your favorite organization DIYs? Questions or success stories, email us at hello@windandwillowhome.com