I didn't plan this post but I just had to share it with you because it brought me such joy.  It's not very often that I either have the time or am able to fill a custom request but in this case, all of the pieces fell together. I received a beautiful email from a customer stating that she had put one of my bowls on her list to Santa and hoped to receive one for Christmas but didn't.  She decided to use some of the money she received to purchase a bowl on her own but wanted something extra special and shared her ideas in a beautiful collage.

My criteria for accepting this custom request.

1. I received this very sweet and convincing note from a customer

2. I was just coming off the busy holiday season and needed a break and chance to just be creative

3. Her inspiration collage was...inspirational


As you know, I am a sucker for natural inspiration.


Each color was custom mixed individually then arranged with the inspiration collage in mind.  For pieces like this, the proportions of color are of the utmost importance.

The finished product!  Hooray!  I love creating art and I love when it can be used every day! 

Projects like this keep me excited about my work.  I am thankful for the opportunity to work with wonderful people on fulfilling projects such as this.  
A note from the recipient: "I simply love them! thank you thank you thank you! The colours are perfect, I love the metallic detail and the different woods. You did an excellent job! I am so in love with them and cannot wait to fill them up with beautiful salads. Even my man was stoked and sincerely appreciated their beauty (and he thought i was a bit bananas for investing in them)."
How do you stay excited about your work? Share with me in the comments.