Getting a bit sentimental on the blog today but there's a good reason.  Mother's day is less than 2 weeks away and every year I take a bit of time to reflect on the incredibly special women who have influenced the person I am today throughout my 33 years.  Being a mother myself, I don't think I have gone a day without appreciating the values these women have instilled in me as I pass them along to my children.  Moms, in general, are superheros but I am going to give some shout out's to the few that I call Mom.
First, of course my amazing Mom, Jacquie who is the most caring, compassionate, kind woman I know.  Not just to myself and siblings but to all people.  She has worked with people, young and old who most would have (and did) disregard due to mental issues, behavioral problems and tough times.  She selflessly gives them her time, compassion and care, like they were one of her own.  All the while dealing with tremendous life changes herself.
Second, my step Mom, Cindy who has instilled so many life lessons into me throughout the years and still continues to do so.  Her strength and humor seem to get her through the tough times with a smile.  
Finally, Debbie, my mother-in-law who is incredibly caring and passionate.  Not only did she pass these traits along to her children (my husband included), she is instilling her caring values into our own children.    
 I could go on and on about these fine women and so many of the other unbelievable Mothers in my life but if I could take the tiniest little piece from each one of them and instill their caring, compassionate, determined, bold and beautiful characteristics into myself and my children I will have succeeded as a Mother myself.  So, a big thank you to all of the Mother's out there.

Of course,  many of you can relate to women in your lives who have the same amazing traits. And, like me, you are wondering how to repay them for the gifts that they have given you.  I think the best gift is making them proud.   Second, would be something beautiful that can serve as a reminder of your appreciation (enter shameless plug). about one of these beautiful gifts from my crowd funding campaign.  By donating you can receive one of these completely hand made items FREE.  In addition to giving a unique, handmade gift you can mention that it will also be helping a small business grow AND feed those in need.  More here:


How about naming a color after your Mother? 

You could work with me to create a custom color that represents your Mom.  You can name it after her and she will be able to enjoy seeing her color on spoons, bowls, planters and softgoods, all over the web and in small shops around the world through my Fall/Winter 2014 line.  Now that would be special!
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