This Spring I really wanted to introduce each color and tell a bit about the inspiration.  Much thought goes into each color that becomes an integral part of each seasonal line up. So, here is a peek into my mind as I am planning, mixing and making each.

 First up is Blush. A soft pink that has a bit of coral in it.  A lovely tone that is reminiscent of rosie cheeks.  Those you get when the snow is melting, the days grow longer and all the energy that has been building up from a long Winter is finally released upon hours of puddle jumping and roaming the newly budding life.

 Blush is the color of perfect pink petals that make up a welcome Spring bouquet.  It's a bit darker than the Powder pink I used last season.  This pink has more life, more depth and a bit more hope for warmer weather, getting outside and breathing life into everything.

What do you think of this Pink? 

March 01, 2014 by Araya Jensen