Hello! I'm ba-ack.  So much to share.
 I just got back from New York City!!!.  I managed to get a coveted ticket to Alt Summit which was held at the Martha Stewart Headquarters.  Prior to the event I was invited to attend a pre-event dinner sponsored by Bing (they gave a variety of my mini's as a gift to all 300 Alt Attendees) at Sunday Suppers (and man was it amazing) in Brooklyn. 

Alt Summit NYC 2013 photographed by Justin Hackworth

I was so thrilled to spend the day with around 300 like minded creatives, yay all adults...no kids. 

 While the conversation seemed to be a bit kid heavy (love my littles but...) I managed to have some
 great conversations and make a few new friends too!

I also had a huge epiphany during a speech by Garance Dore.   I have to admit, I didn't follow her before her talk at Alt but now I have my first girl crush, eeeee.  This girl is charming, smart, artistic and real!  My epiphany you ask... I need help.  Sooooo, this Fall I will be looking for an assistant.  Stay tuned for details. 
The tiny and equally talented Grace Bonny of Design*Sponge started the talks.   From her inspiring speech I was able to take away a list of steps that I need to take in order to make that move to hiring my first employee. 

Step 1. Finish financial plan
Step 2. Turn my studio space from an unfinished basement factory dungeon to a beautiful, inspiring studio.
Step 3. Blog regularly (which will come once step 1 and 2 are taken care of)

Alright, it's time for me to get to work. Right after I remissness about the rest of the trip...food, birthday, music check out some pics here 

Oh yeah,  I can't wait to show you a little well, kinda big, reward I was able to give myself after reaching one of my goals for the year...coming in the next blog post. 
May 01, 2013 by Araya Jensen