It's kinda weird.  I have been married for almost 7 years and I am still imagining my dream wedding.  When I was planning my wedding in 2005 Etsy wasn't around and there was no such thing as Pinterest.  For that matter, Facebook wasn't even in existence.  Eeew, I sound really old right now.  Anyways, since the invention of all this wonderful social media, I have been dreaming, creating and Pinning up the wedding of my dreams.  
Truth be told, when mixing and creating the different seasonal colors, I am sometimes dreaming that I am making these mini planters, bowls and treasure pots for my own wedding :)
1. An outdoors Spring wedding in the country, cremony set outdoors under a weeping willow tree.  Reception set in a vintage barn...fields full of wild flowers.
 2. A nature chic wedding in the Fall.  Soft fall fresh colors, simple and casual accents and lots of cozy texture. Gigantic Oak tree with a backdrop of the mountains.
3.  A Valentines themed wedding FILLED with traditional roses in all colors of pink, peach and white.  Just the right time of year to celebrate a lifetime of love. Snow on the ground and all the ladies wearing white fluffy hand muffs.
4.  A vibrant Summer wedding filled with energy and non traditional neon accents.  Live 80's band (thinking Wedding Singer) ...dancing all night long.

1. Mini Planter in Cocoa  2.  Mini Bowl in Chocolate Brown  3.  Mini Treasure Pot in Sugar Plum  4.  Mini Planter in Neon Orange                                                                                                                           CUSTOM COLORS AVAILABLE

Although I don't plan on ever having another wedding, these plans may not go to wasted.  I hope to someday have a "I love you more every day" party. Where there will be no vows but speeches and memories shared.  Our guests will be those loved ones who have been a part of our lives from the beginning.

How about you?  What is your dream wedding?
April 10, 2012 by Araya Jensen