How to care for your hand marbled textiles

Willful's hand inked soft goods have been made with an age old process of picking up ink that has been floated on a gel bath.  Each piece is dipped individually and takes on the organic shapes that are produced leaving each piece completely unique.  Find out more about how we make our hand marbled textiles.


1.Hand wash with mild soap, rinse thoroughly and dry flat or hang.

2. Stain removal: If you need to remove a stain from the fibers, soak the fabric in cool water with soap before washing.  Don't rub the spot.  Linen is susceptible to color loss from abrasion.

3.  Never use bleach.  It can weaken the natural fibers.

4.  Do not iron or dry-clean.

Note: your hand inked linen soft goods will soften with use gaining a beautiful patina.  The ink will also soften in it's brightness.


Our hand inked soft goods are made with natural fabrics and water based dyes ensuring the most beautiful, vibrant pieces to enhance your home


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