Each wooden piece has been carefully hand-dipped in our exclusive food safe rubber that we custom mix in small batches. We don’t measure or tape the bowls to create perfectly identical pieces when applying the color. We believe beauty is in organic lines and natural movement, which means the color dipped portion may vary between items and may show more or less wood as you move around the item. 

Each color is mixed by hand and the colors are produced by mixing and matching with a trained eye.  We do our best to make sure that when mixing a new batch of color it is compatible with the original batch however sometimes there is a slight variation.
 Due to the reaction of the wood and dip, there may be small bubbles that occur on the bottom and sides of the bowls, often times more with larger bowls. These do not interfere with the quality of the bowl but add to the durability of the bond and add uniqueness to each piece.
Wood grains are part of the natural beauty of each wood bowl (wood grains make us HAPPY). Grain colors can vary from light to dark brown or even a greyish hue. These colors should not be construed as flaws but as part of the uniqueness of the item.